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Myths in Religion

The Identity / April 09, 2019

Join our discussion as we debank Myths that surround and Christianity and some of the elements that are attached to it

The fifth plague

The Bible Journey / April 09, 2019

Even after Pharaoh giving up in the quest to prove their magic equal to God and failing Pharaoh still remains stiff headed. Join in the study.

Mercy brothers Singers

Sifa / April 08, 2019

Wakituletea wimbo kama "Tawala naye Yesu aliyeshinda nguvu na maovu yake shetani." Jiunge nao Mercy Brothers kwa mibaraka.

A moment at Jesus Feet

An in depth discussion derived from the bible packaged from Biblical experiences to lessons we can relate. Don't miss out!!

Uchambuzi wa Bibilia

Mafunzo yanayo chipuka kutoka Bibilia na kutiliwa mkazo mwenendo wa kuishi ambao unafaa tuwe nao.



SIFA, a weekly show show that brings to air, music composed by various choir from different churches with the main aim of praising the Lord with our voices and creativity.


The Identity

A youthful show that seeks to address youth issues through their perspective giving Biblical references and sharing personal experiences so as to motivate each other on the heavenly road.



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