A moment at Jesus Feet

An in depth discussion derived from the bible packaged from Biblical experiences to lessons we can relate. Don't miss out!!


Mazungumzo yanayozingatia maisha mema katika familia.

Lift up your heart

Join us in prayer and supplication as we petition our souls to Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Maoni yako "Your opinion"

Kipindi ambacho kinakutletea hewani maoni yako kuhusu mada tofauti tofauti tunazozipitia.


Jiunge nasi kumsifu Mungu kupitia Nyimbo kutoka Vikundi mbali mbali vya Injili

The Bible Journey

A wonderful revelation of God to us through his writing. Don't miss in the study!!

The Identity

All youthful, all engaging all spirit lead conversation between young people and how they perceive different issues in life.

The Riser

A short sharing from the word to encourage and kick us of into our everyday duties.