Dr. Kana refugee in turmoil

Siri ya Ushindi / October 21, 2018

Jiunge nasi katika mazungumzo ya leo baina ya Dada Catherine na Ndugu Kana huku tukizingatia zaidi katika siri ya ushindi humu ulimwenguni mkazo ikiwa kwa Yesu

Choosing the way of blessings

The Riser / October 21, 2018

The righteous person is one who takes care to know the laws of God and so has good judgment and avoids bad company. The result is the ability to withstand difficult times in life supported by God's protection.

Naivasha Central Church Choir & St.Georges Girls High School

Sifa / October 21, 2018

Jiunge nasi kwa baraka kupitia nyimbo huku wanachoir wa naivasha ya kati wakitubariki kwa sehemu ya kwanza kisha wasichana kutoka St. Georges girls wakitutamatia makala haya pambe. Pata kubarikiwa

Communication at the Individual level

The Identity / October 21, 2018

We fall victim to blame our upbringing or our exposures as youths to how we communicate, but are we to ride on previous flows in our day today communication? Join in the discussion

Where you least expected

The Riser / October 21, 2018

Join in today's uplifting spiritual enlightenment program of the riser as we ponder on the healing of the leprous men. Be blessed

Diligence in adversity

Siri ya Ushindi / October 21, 2018

With a tough childhood upbringing Princess now a journalist shares with us on her undivided love for Christ's working through her life and the "secret"-Siri ya Ushindi. Be blessed.

Ruce Kids Choir

Sifa / July 11, 2018

Choir ya watoto kutoka Ruiru watuandalia makala haya ya Sifa wakitubariki na nyimbo zao nzuri. Barikiwa

Hair Wash

Ladies Talk / July 11, 2018

How can you keep the health of your hair with the many toxins released in different hair wash containers? Join in the discussion


The Zeal / May 30, 2018

With many having infiltrated the industry, many still have little or no understand what it entails. Join in and lets get informed