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The Identity / April 02, 2018

Many of us(youths) have been entangled with the observance of this particular day, but where does the truth lie in regards to it's observance!?

Mechanical Engineer

The Zeal / April 02, 2018

Youths have gone to disparity due to lack of employment, what inspired you to take on this path? Join and let's get inspired.

Uwakili wa kutoa kwa shukrani

Uchambuzi wa Bibilia / April 02, 2018

Jiunge na funzo la leo, huku makini kuu ikiwa ni katika funzo la kutoa kwa shukrani.

A moment at Jesus Feet

An in depth discussion derived from the bible packaged from Biblical experiences to lessons we can relate. Don't miss out!!

Lift up your heart

Join us in prayer and supplication as we petition our souls to Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

The Bible Journey

A wonderful revelation of God to us through his writing. Don't miss in the study!!



SIFA, a weekly show show that brings to air, music composed by various choir from different churches with the main aim of praising the Lord with our voices and creativity.


The Bible Journey

The Intricate information in the Bible is brought to light and to air with this exciting journey. Lessons are brought out to enable us understand the word better and have a step at a time in reading the word of God on The Bible Journey.


The Identity

A youthful show that seeks to address youth issues through their perspective giving Biblical references and sharing personal experiences so as to motivate each other on the heavenly road.


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