The Riser

A short sharing from the word to encourage and kick us of into our everyday duties.

The Riser


Blessing in unlikely places

The healing of four leprous men. What can we learn from such a story.

On unexpected blessings

Many of us will be able to relate to being overcome with fear when we feel God asking us to do something or feel him at work in our lives. Follow through this inspiring lesson with Dr. Nadine

A blessing in a blessing

We need to live knowing that our God is bigger than our circumstances. When we encounter challenges, learn to confess that it is well. And so it shall be. Always return to our source of joy, laughter, love, strength, hope and inspiration, who is Jesus Christ

Choosing the way of blessings

The righteous person is one who takes care to know the laws of God and so has good judgment and avoids bad company. The result is the ability to withstand difficult times in life supported by God's protection.

Where you least expected

Join in today's uplifting spiritual enlightenment program of the riser as we ponder on the healing of the leprous men. Be blessed

About the Show

Matthew 11:28

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

The daily constrains that come from our responsibilities maybe overwhelming. They may be very tiring that sometimes we forget to commune with our lord and savior.

The Riser brings to us a daily sharing that brings us at Jesus bosom before we start of the day and with it, we get motivated with the sharing from Jesus feet.

Have a moment and share with us on The Riser us Jesus encourages us of our daily trials and tribulation to come to an end in his coming.

The Riser
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