Myths in Religion

The Identity / April 09, 2019

Join our discussion as we debank Myths that surround and Christianity and some of the elements that are attached to it

Communication at the Individual level

The Identity / October 21, 2018

We fall victim to blame our upbringing or our exposures as youths to how we communicate, but are we to ride on previous flows in our day today communication? Join in the discussion


The Identity / April 02, 2018

Many of us(youths) have been entangled with the observance of this particular day, but where does the truth lie in regards to it's observance!?

Love vs Lust

The Identity / April 01, 2018

Their is a fine thin line between Love and Lust, What is it and where should we stand. Don't miss out!

Life as a teeneger

The Identity / January 04, 2018

Often more than once have the teenagers been kn own as the rebelling ones who don't listen to what they are told by the elderly.. But is that the case..Join in and share with us!

Holiday & Feastive season

The Identity / December 15, 2017

Here comes the holidays!!! Whooooh this is the time to make ourselves or break our future. What do i do? Join in the conversation.


The Identity / November 07, 2017

What is self gratification and has it hindered us as youth in God's service?

Career and Profession

The Identity / August 27, 2017

Let us choose to identify with Christ in all our interactions.