Sister's of Grace

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Jiunge naye mwelekezi wetu Lavet akituletea kikundi cha wanawake walioungana kumtumikia Mungu kupitia sauti zao.

Exodus 2

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With interesting insights join in as we review the birth of Moses.

Exodus 3

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God's plan of salvation of the Israelites from Egypt being rolled out by Moses at the burning bush. Join in the study

Exodus 4

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Did Moses have genuine excuses to lay to God for his mission ahead?

Exodus 5

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After getting instructions from God, Moses goes to talk with Pharaoh asking for the freeing of the children of Israel. This causes more trouble to the children of Israel and their labor is doubled. Amid the sufferings and Pharaoh's hard heart, God promises deliverance by a mighty hand.

Exodus 6

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God reassures Moses of the planned exodus from Egypt after 430yrs even after him presenting a claim of uncircumcised lips. Join in the study.

Exodus 7

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How significant was it with the first plague. Join in in this study.

The Second Plague

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Still in the study journey with us to understand God view as expressed in his word regarding the plagues.

The Third plague

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Infestation of Lice to Egyptians as they deter letting go the Israelite's go.